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One of the most effective and popular vaporizers are finally here. We have the effective Sonic portable vaporizer for sale which has a wide load of strong features and a very powerful heating system with temperature controls to ensure you get the maximum quality vapor with every single pull. The Sonic allows you to hit big and thick clouds of vapor while maintaining maximum quality without ever letting your materials reach combustion temperatures with the smart temperature gauge. Buying the Sonic Vaporizer would be a good investment for you to utilize for the long run when you'll save money by not wasting your materials. 



Using highly advanced heating technology with the ceramic heating chamber it'll vaporize all your herbal products at maximum efficiency. The Sonic uses the best technology to ensure even and effective heating. This allows the user to get the most out of every vaporization session.


Heat Up Time

The heat up time is very quick and you only wait 30 seconds or less. You can reach the maximum temperature in under 30 seconds. You just have to load the herbs into the heating chamber and set the temperature with the smart temperature gauge and start vaporizing in seconds.


Precise Temperature Control

The temperature control system will allow the user to modify the temperature to a specific setting for you to have to make sure you can vaporize all type of herbs. Sonic understand that some herbs can vaporize at different temperatures, this feature gives you mass versatility with the different types of herbs based on the thickness, moisture, density to let you vaporize with purity. By just pushing the button, it'll allow you to switch temperatures .


Easy To Use

It isn't a confusing device, it is simple and effective. With only 3 buttons the Sonic portable vaporizer is extremely user-friendly and only requires very little maintenance. Just turn it on and set the temperature, slowly inhale through the mouthpiece to have a great vaporization session. This is the perfect vaporizer for beginners of all walks of life.


Compact – Durable Design

With such a sleek and durable look, you'll know you get quality as soon as you open the box to use the Sonic. It is very easy to transport and you can take it literally anywhere without unwanted attention. You can fit it inside your purse or your pocket. It travels through airports undetected.


advanced portable sonic vaporizer

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Dimensions3 x 6.5 x 4.75 in.
Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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