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  • Convection/Conduction Hybrid

  • Ceramic Heating Chamber

  • Large Load Capacity

  • Large Digital Display

  • 10-15 Cycle Battery Life

  • 20-25 Second Heatup Time

  • Vibration Notification

  • Dual Charging Options (DC / USB)

  • Magnetic Mouthpiece

  • Airpath Isolated from Electronics

  • Pocket Friendly Size: 5" x 2.5" x 1"

  • Weighs Less than 0.5 lbs

  • Two Year Warranty




  • CFX Vaporizer

  • Wax Tank

  • Wall Charger

  • USB Cable

  • Packing Tool

  • Cleaning Brush

  • Manual

  • Availability: In stock

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    Easy is the new way to say the Boundless CFX lightweight vaporizer. It really is an extremely adaptable vaporizer with the capacity of producing very high quality vaporizer for your organic and natural mixes and aromatherapy materials. That is a robust vaporizer that will do everything for you. You're in complete control by using the CFX Boundless vaporizer as you have very dense vapor with a completely isolated air passageway. This high-powered vaporizer machine is backed with the speedy heating time of both convection and conduction vaporization heat rendering it an extremely in-demand vaporizer that'll use whatever you have to bring to the table which is the powerful vaporizer that's always going to be here for you when it all comes down to the precision and quality the Boundless CFX brings to the table.

    Boundless CFX Design
    The Boundless CFX lightweight vaporizer that uses organic materials to give you the best results with its poly-carbonate exterior design structure with the frame being made out of stainless steel. The Isolation heating makes it to where there's never any electronics or cords that are in the line of the heating so you will never get any carcinogenic taste at all. Ceramic heating is the uallity of vaporization that you get when you use this quality device. When it all comes down to having a powerful vaporizer, the boundless CFX is one of those portable vaporizers that have the design and the OLED technology so you can control exactly what you have when you need a great vaporizer to use.

    Boundless CFX Heating Technology
    The Lithium ion battery make it so you get the longest vaporization having a battery that can precisely utilize a temperature range of as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It is completely adjustable and you can set the temperature in 1 degree increments. When it comes down to it, you will get 15 five minute sessions on an entire charge using the Boundless CFX. Using the 80w hybrid convection and conduction heating only takes 5 taps of the power button to begin the heating process. The large capacity oven will allow you to heat anything within 20 seconds.

    Boundless CFX Best Vaporizer For Sale

    There is no vaporizer like the Boundless CFX portable vaporizer, it is by far one of the most precise and best vaporizers on the market. It uses both convection and conduction heating so you always have a hybrid heating method when you're using this vaporizer so you get the best possible vaping every single time you use the Boundless CFX vaporizer. The Air-flow system you have will produce a very low resistance so you can get the perfect draws every time you use this vaporizer. When you want to have a quality vaporizer like the BOundless CFX, you will want to take advantage of using this vaporizer so you can get the most out of your vaping sessions. The stainless steel frame work and the lightweight design make it easy to be able to use this vaporizer and take it anywhere to travel with this vaporizer. The silicone rubber outside design materials make it easy to hold this vaporizer with the best possible grip so you get the best possible vaporization every time you want to use a quality vaporizer like the Boundless CFX portable vaporizer for sale.

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    Vaporizer Type:Portable
    Vaporizer Compatibility:herbs
    Delivery Method:No

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