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Latest version

We now carry the latest version of the CF Vaporizer, featuring three updates:

  • Stealth Mode: The CF can now be heated and used without the luminosity of the LED lights. Hold the CF power button down for 3 seconds to enter stealth mode.

  • Battery Life Indicator: 3 rapid clicks on the CF indicates the battery life.

  • Memory Function: The CF will now remember the last temperature used and will heat to that setting the next time it is powered on

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The Boundless CF is one of the better high-powered lightweight vaporizers in the world. There isn't any lightweight vaporizer much better than the Boundless editions since this brand can provide the best performance over anyone who has a lightweight vaporizer that thinks they can build up to the Boundless CF. It really is hard to compare in performance to the Boundless CF vaporizer, it'll heat within 25 secs and will be offering you over 10 cycles per full battery.

Boundless CF Performance
The boundless CF gets the greatest performance out of any kind of vaporizer. It includes an extremely large battery with the capacity of providing you over 10 full cycles at maximum performance. Using the ceramic glass-on-glass vapor chamber you will get the best flavorful vaping experience. It requires 5 pushes of the button which powers the vaporizer, you can cycle through the 5 different temps adjustments starting at 355F and increasing in 1F increments up to 415F and Within 25 mere seconds your vaporizer will be producing high quality vapor.

Boundless CF Compatibility Versatility
You may vaporize waxes and herbs with the Boundless CF using convection heating that generates using 5 different pre-set temperature settings to get the most optimal vaping experience. The hybrid convection and conduction heating up makes it an extremely versatile vaporizer for liquid s that don't vaporize from convection heating system. The easy one button control uses a button to turn the unit.

Boundless CF Vaporizer Technology
The Boundless CF vaporizer uses 5 temperature settings that are used with the LED lighting display. The battery is a 1300mAH battery and uses a powerful charge of 5v 2.0 amp USB charger. The highest temperature is 415 degrees (212.8) and you can change the vaporizer within 1 degree increments. With 5 different pre-set temperatures, you will get the best vaping experience. The Isolated air experience makes it to where no electrical wires or electronics are within the heating system at all to provide you with the purest and most potent vapor experience.

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Vaporizer Type:Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility:herbs
Delivery Method:No

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